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GSOFT: New prize for young scientists


The American Physical SocietyTopical Group on Soft Matter (GSOFT) is delighted to announce a new Early Career Award for Soft Matter Research. This Unit Award aims to recognize outstanding and sustained contributions by a young researcher to the field of Soft Matter during his or her initial period of full time employment (12 years after the PhD, allowing for breaks). The award provides $5000 and the cost of travel to the March meeting of the APS (March 2-6, 2015), and is generously sponsored by Solvay.

More information and nomination details can be found at
The nomination deadline this year is 1 December 2014, to enable the award winner to give an Invited Talk at the APS March Meeting 2015.

APS is diverse global organization and so nominations of underrepresented groups and scientists from outside the United States are especially encouraged.

You can join GSOFT easily at the APS web site.

The group’s webpage is at

2015 Image Competition - winner announced!

Where Soft matter Science meets art

Congratulations to the winners of our 2015 image contest!
We had some beautiful submissions to our image competition this year and below you can see twelve of the best. The winning groups will be recieving a desktop calendar featuring all the best images. Go to the gallery page on our website to see the full caption details and citations. The winning contributors were: Jennifer Kirchhoff, Florida State University, Jan Lagerwall, University of Luxembourg, Jongmin Kim, Sung-Min Kang, Byungjin Lee, Chaeyeon Kim and Chang-Soo Lee, Chungnam National University, Nathan Melton and Lauren Edwards, University of California, Merced, Hanumantha Rao Vutukuri, Utrecht University, Wojciech Tomczyk, Jagiellonian University and Sajedeh Afghah, Andrew Konya, Jonathan Selinger, and Robin Selinger, LCI, Kent State University.




2nd edition of the handbook of Liquid Crystals out now

John W. Goodby (Editor), Peter J. Collings (Editor), Takashi Kato (Editor), Carsten Tschierske (Editor), Helen Gleeson (Editor), Peter Raynes (Editor). ISBN: 978-3-527-32773-7

The long awaited impressive second edition of the popular “Handbook of Liquid Crystals” is now availble for purchase from Wiley. The book has been completely restructured and streamlined into 8 volumes with a new team of editors and authors from the liquid crystal community. The book series is an essential purchase for PIs working with all kinds of liquid crystal materials and should be an invaluable resource for soft matter scientists from both academia and industry.

The Handbook’s new structure presents the content by topic and by liquid-crystal type: A fundamentals volume sets the stage for an understanding of the liquid crystal state of matter, while individual volumes cover the main types and forms, with a final volume bringing together the diverse liquid crystal phases through their applications.
Although the complete set is quite expensive, its comprehensive coverage makes it well worth the investment for resesarch labs and academic libraries round the world and the volumes can be purchased individually.

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